How it all started

Many times as an adult, when practicing my first classical pieces on guitar, my mother came to sit at my table to listen to me while she was crocheting.
I have always felt a profound love and respect for elderly people, especially the weakest amongst them that suffer from dementia. 

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How it works.

For some people with dementia, music therapy has been shown improve their thinking, feeling, perception, mood and behaviour.

Music can elicit emotions and memories and help provide a link to a person's past and promote interconnection with caregivers and others with dementia. Recent findings suggest that musical training delays cognitive decline and promotes brain plasticity in the elderly brain.

How I work

My skills are based upon a life time experience in music and personal and social development. 
I understand the mechanics in group processes. I've seen countless retirement homes inside and I have learnt a lot about dementia and Alzheimer.
When I sing I create empathy, pleasant moods and a safe space to relive memories and emotions.
I play the guitar, diatonic accordeon and sometime the rav drum. I play all kinds of music.

Where I work

In The Netherlands you will find me playing in Breda and surroundings.
You can invite me wherever you want.

Because of my large experience in music performance and also due to my experience with people with dementia, I regularly support the Stichting Kleurke.

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