Without partners life is meaningless. The picture below represents a bunch of friends of mine on my birthday a couple of years ago. I wanted to share this image of abundance with you because what you see is the only bank account that counts.
Later you will see some names of business related friends or partners, just people that I love to work with.
(picture by Robert Aarts)

My favourite partners

Colleagues, friends, organizations that I work with.
Just the best.
Scroll on and meet them.

Dorinda Farver, trainer, yoga teacher

Marlies Tobias, yoga teacher

Boban Krstic, yoga teacher 

Peter Dictus, theatre producer

Sofia Sparla, cooking workshops

Patrick DeLabie, sound engineering

Marcel Wille, yoga teacher

Sophie Minne, event initiator

Buddy to Buddy Breda, community for refugees

Robert Aarts, photographer

Ilse Wolf, photographer

Rob van Aert, regression therapist

Stichting Kleurke
music for dementia

Frans van der Aa
accordion builder

Jacqueline Braat owner by Artitof